It’s a new week and there is no better way to enjoy it than being in the great outdoors. We’ve brought you another lineup of Boozy Products that will surely fit in with whatever you’re up to this summer, whether it be hiking, canoeing, camping or just sitting by the fire. Here at innovation station you’re going to find the perfect products that are convenient for all your summer outings and adventures that require keeping your beverages fresh and delicious.

Jagermeister Shot CoolerNeed a revolutionary cooler? One you don’t need to open to get a drink? Jagermeister has a specially designed cooler that allows you to pour an ice cold drink directly from the cooler. The cooler accommodates 750ml and 1.75L sized bottles for your summer outing. Its interior is split in two with the smaller part of the container holding the bottles upside-down into a connecting hose. There are two hose connections that allow you to have two bottles in use at the same time. Once connected to the hose all you need to do is fill the cooler with ice and pour out your drink through the nozzle. The larger compartment of the cooler can be used to stow away favorite drinks or other bottles of Jager.

Juggernaut GrowlerThe Juggernaut is made of stainless steel and has double wall vacuum insulated technology that is guaranteed to keep your craft beer fresh. This Growler was designed to meet the peoples’ demand for premium craft beer containers and this new container launched by Drinktanks is sure to keep your beer fresh, cool and carbonated. The container is of course BPA free and has the option of a CO2 accessory and a keg cap accessory to help keep your beer staying carbonated and fresh. It will be perfect for camping trips or a hike up the mountain, because no matter how far you travel the Juggernaut will keep your beer safe and sealed.

FlaskLightVSSL has designed the FlaskLight, which is exactly what it sounds like, a flashlight that can also hold your favorite alcohol. With around 20hrs of bright mode and 40hrs on dim or SOS mode this flashlight is no piece of junk. The state of the art light contains not only the flashlight and alcohol container inside it but also a compass, and two collapsible shot glasses to be stored inside it. This creation is perfect for camping in the great outdoors and will be sure to have that alcohol blanket keeping you warm at night.