Infused Flavors: The Great and The Gross

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Has our obsession with infusing perfectly good bourbon, vodka and whiskey gone the way of the Bloomingdale’s perfume counter? Or are we basking in boozy creativity; Martha Stewart-ing dusty old flavors and reinventing them for today’s drinker?
Pick a flavor and someone has probably infused it. (Note: not a bad idea for a drinking game, actually.)

Walnut — People are doing it all over the place, with mixed results
Pineapple — Of course, and quite easy to make on your own
Green Tea — Another homegrown favorite
Smoked Salmon — Alaska Distillery has done this with vodka. Method includes grinding up salmon and mixing salmon with ethanol. Allegedly, totally disgusting
Bacon — A sleeper hit for Black Rock Spirits. Awesome — especially in Bloody Marys
Burrito — Just Kidding, as far as we know this hasn’t been tackled yet

Have great ideas for the next big flavor? Try this easy step-by-step recipe. If you need some tried and true delicious recipes visit So far, they just have a small batch of recipes, but they do serve as infused food for thought.

What’s your favorite infusible flavor? Do you try this at home or leave it to the professionals?



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