We all love our families (well, most of us), but family reunions can be… interesting. There are usually a lot of different personalities in one place all at once, probably a bunch of people you haven’t seen since you were a baby, and a lot of awkward small talk explaining why you and your significant other of 8 years aren’t engaged yet.

July is National Family Reunion Month, so if you are helping plan your family’s reunion, or just RSVPed “yes” to attend one, here are a few ways you can incorporate alcohol to make the entire situation a little more tolerable.

  • Have personalized koozies made that say “Smith Family Reunion” and put them out as fun party favors. Everyone will think you’re really thoughtful, and you will be able to drink as many cans of beer as you want because no one will be able to tell whether that koozie is keeping a can of beer or a can of soda cool.
  • Mason jars seem to make everything look adorable, so whip up a few different easy, light, fruity cocktails and put them all in different mason jars. Fill a big silver tub with ice, put the mason jars on the ice, and listen to your family members tell you how clever you are.
  • We have three words for you: beer pong table. You may think you have to give up beer pong when you graduate college, but the truth is that everyone – even your parents – like to get a little nostalgic from time-to-time and toss some ping pong balls into red plastic cups of beer. It will be a bonding experience like no other, we promise.
  • Make big batches of a few different alcoholic punches and put them in great-looking glass dispensers. Name them after anything you think relates to your family; base the names off your family’s last name, inside jokes, the family matriarchs and patriarchs…you know your family best (we hope) so you know what will work best. Get creative.
  • When in doubt, grab a bottle of wine and walk around the reunion offering to refill glasses. Once you get everyone else feeling good, no one will notice how many cocktails you’ve had.