Far too often, we hear about National “This” Day, or National “That” Month. It seems as though the powers that be have created a day for everything, from cantaloupe to pencil sharpeners. More often than not, these days are nothing more than pointless reminders of the monotony we find ourselves in, and our pathetic efforts to create excitement. WELL, now that we’ve gotten you amply down in the dumps, it just so happens that today is NOT one of those days. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; it’s National Beer Day!

In honor of this heavenly beverage, here at DIA, we asked around to collect candid feelings about beer. Here’s what we found:

Who? Favorite brands varied the most, but some highlights include: Corona, Blue Moon, Guinness, Stone, and Samuel Adams.

What? This was pretty split, but it seems as though IPA’s are the overall favorite. However, people prefer ales in the cold weather, and light beer in the summer.

When? People typically like to toss ’em back at sporting events, in social situations (beer pong?), and in nice weather. Duh.

How? Across the board, beer initiates a feeling of calmness. And then bloating.

Why? Our team shared their favorite memories of beer:

“I once shotgunned a beer in my fire escape in my pajamas. That was nice.”

“Floating down the Saco river with a beer in each hand catching jell-o shots strangers on a pontoon were throwing at us.”

“It might be the memory of my first Guinness, where I was on a pub crawl in Dublin but I was late to the first bar and the group was about to leave so I had to chug my first Guinness and it was delicious.”

“Last years family adult Christmas party where we recreated college parties with quarters, flip cup, and beer pong with my age 75+ in laws”

“I’m proud to say I’ve run a few beer miles — chug a beer, run a quarter mile, repeat that three more times — and somehow didn’t puke.”