Imbibe may be one of our dearest words. It embodies our favorite activity and frequents our everyday language. So, how fitting a word to choose as the namesake for an exhibition celebrating all things drinkable? Imbibe Live took place in London last week and marked two full days of learning, sampling, and celebrating the art that is drinking.

While it’s unlike us to venture outside our home turf in discussing news in the alcohol world, this event was an exception. After all, drinking is an international art.

Present at the convention were hundreds of drink professionals: anyone who sources, buys, or serves drinks ranging from beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and even water. Obviously, our allegiance lies with the drinks of alcoholic nature, and we weren’t let down.  Throughout each day, alcohol professionals led masterclasses in a series of different areas. For example, “Wine World” explored the general world of wine tasting and pairing, while “Sommelier Hub” was all about the next level of wine mastering. Another section called “Shake It” delved into cocktails and why we love them so much. To add to these classes, there were also training sessions to give attendees quick run-downs on more specific areas, like bartending. Sounds like our kind of party, right?

To spice up each day, competitions were held to see who knew what when it came to alcohol. Prizes of up to £5,000 were handed out to the winners. Now that’s definitely a party we should have been at.