Another month, another group of celebrities trying to make some money off of our bad habits. But these two offerings may be worth our while. First let’s talk wine.

Giuliana Rancic’s XO, G Wine: You know her from E!, or as the wife of that guy who won the first season of The Apprentice. But now she’s giving us another reason to talk. Rancic is introducing us to a bottle of wine that’s actually 4 individual glasses. Genius? We think so. Gone are the days of feeling pressured to finish a whole bottle in one sitting. (Not that that option is off the table. We know Mondays can be hard.) Still not convinced? The glasses are also shatter proof. So we thank you, Giuliana, for forever eliminating the possibility of becoming a hot mess.

…But maybe we shouldn’t speak so soon. Queen makes vodka now.

Killer Queen Vodka: In honor of Freddie Mercury, Queen has released their own 80 Proof “remedy for Khruschev and Kennedy”. For those of you who don’t know, Freddie was a big vodka fan, so what better way to pay your respects than by raising a shot glass? Side effects include singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the karaoke bar and insisting that you sound JUST LIKE Freddie Mercury. As of now it’s only available in the UK, but don’t be surprised if it starts popping up in more markets by the year’s end.