giphy-6With all of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and massive consumptions of alcohol, we often forget to be cautious of the dangers that may come on March 15th. If you’re wondering what to watch out for today, here’s a little recap:

Ever heard of the phrase “Beware of Ides of March?” Now, we’re not talking about the movie with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling; we’re talking about Shakespeare. It is one of the most popular quotes from his tragedy Julius Caesar. Based on fact, the play tells Caesar’s story. At one point, he is warned by a stranger to beware of the Ides of March, which is ancient Rome’s equivalent to March 15th. Of course, Caesar proudly ignores this strong warning and gets ambushed and murdered by his supposed friends on that very day.

So, today is the day! Make sure you are constantly on high alert. Make sure to watch out for any forewarnings because they should not be ignored. If you happen to wind up in a bar or club, there are definitely certain shots you should beware of. If you take one of these tonight, it just might be your last. And remember, it might be your friends trying to ambush you!

Everclear: We know you’ve heard of this bad boy. Its only legal use should be to strip varnish off of speedboats. The bottle even gives you two warnings without us having to: it is extremely flammable, and you should not drink it straight. Unless you like pain, that is.

Devil’s Springs: This one has all kinds of warnings on the labels. They even make sure you know it’s “not for every occasion.” I’m sure this bottle has never even made it to the second occasion.

Sunset Rum: This intimidating white rum not only burns, but it can also cause them. That’s right. This bottle is so strong that if you don’t dilute it heavily enough, you will immediately be on your way to the hospital. That’s a whole different type of alcohol poisoning!

Golden Grain:  This alcohol is so strong, they can’t even classify it as vodka; it has to be labeled a “grain spirit.” This bottle is a whopping 95% alcohol! Only intended for mixed drinks, this alcohol has flammable and even explosive properties.