giphyIce Cream and Beer, Beer and Ice Cream. Is there anything better than these options (besides pizza of course)? Well, Baskin Robbins has paired up with All About Beer Magazine to pair 10 flavors of ice cream with the correct beer. Here is what they suggest:

When your looking for some Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream make sure to pair it with a Coffee Porter or Stout as this ale has java and cocoa flavor in them. If you have a fruity Ice Cream (or sorbet) like Watermelon, you’re going to want to pair this up with something summery like a Gose.

If you find yourself indulging with Pralines ‘n Cream, pair it with a Pilsner or Mango Ale to have the flavors balance each other out harmoniously. When you’re going with traditional Vanilla you’re to want to also buy some Peach Lambic; the vanilla flavor will be boosted from this brew. It’s almost as if the Peach Lambic is a topping on the ice cream.

Some other flavors to consider with beer are Peanut Butter N’ Chocolate with a Doppleback; Almond Fudge with a blueberry ale and Cherry Ice Cream with Barleywine. Our final two flavors to pair are Chocolate and a Belgian Quad as well as Strawberry and a Hefeweizen. All these pairing help bring out the best in the ice cream as well as the beer.

So get a move on and buy all the beer and ice cream you can carry and start indulging immediately.