Ice bars may be one of the coolest things happening in the bar scene (pun intended) and finally the US is catching on.


The idea is that you bundle up in a thermal coat and gloves and make your way into a room made entirely of ice: the walls, the seats, the bar, even the glasses that you’re drinking out of. Although you’re only allowed to spend 45 minutes inside the 20-something degree room, there’s no better way to cool off on a hot summer day. Here are a few of our favorites:


ICEBAR Orlando

ice bars in the us

You may be surprised to find 50 tons of ice in the middle of sunny Florida, but the ICEBAR Orlando is one of the city’s top tourist attractions. Reigning as the first ice bar in the United States, ICEBAR Orlando resembles an Antarctic getaway, featuring statues of penguins, polar bears and even an Ice Queen throne. After your time in the Ice bar, you can head over to the warmth of Fire Lounge and dance the night away at one of Orlando’s most popular nightclubs.


Minus5° Ice Bar, Manhattan, NY

ice bars in the us

Minus5° Ice Bar just opened this past June, and already it is impossible to make a reservation. Decked out in Eskimo-like gear, you enter into the 23°(-5°Celsius, hence the name) room and make your way to the bar where mostly vodka-based drinks are served in glasses made out of ice. The ice sculptures in the bar change every 6-8 weeks to make for a new experience every visit.


Frost Ice Bar, Boston

ice bars in the us

Opening mid-summer 2013, the Frost Ice Bar located in Faneuil Hall in Boston claims to be the largest permanent ice bar in the world (and at 21°, it is also the coldest on our list). Upon entering, you’re immediately surrounded with ice-made walls that keep changing color. Every drink is handcrafted to make you’re entire night a unique experience.


Have you ever been to an ice bar? Tell us about it below.