I consider myself an athlete. I played on sports teams in high school and college, I effectively toss the football on the beach, contribute to backyard whiffle ball games, etc. But am I a runner? Eh, under certain circumstances. And those circumstances include beer. Nothing beats a road race that upon finishing serves you beer.

Last weekend I participated in the 9th annual Harpoon Brewery 5 miler in Boston, MA. I woke up, ran for a good cause, and by noon I was feeling nice. The course was filled with motivators, “2 more miles to cold beer!” and the post-race party exceeded all expectations.  Post-race party atmospheres are always filled with happy, energized individuals. Everyone feels accomplished and in a celebratory mood. It’s awesome.

I did some research to see what other road races are happening across America this summer so that you, too, could share in the joy of running for beer. I found a few that I’ve heard great things about but know there are tons more. So if you’re aware of others, please share.

Down and Dirty Mud Run National Series

Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Sacramento, CA

Irish Pub Road Race

Harwich, MA

Lawyers Have Heart

Washington, DC

My advice – the faster you run, the quicker it’s over and the sooner you can enjoy the post race festivities. Yes, it’s THAT simple.