Those of you who’ve seen the first installment of The Avengers know that it’s basically a 2 hour-long super hero party. There’s the cool group of friends trying to have a good time, and there’s the party crashers killing the vibe/trying to destroy the world. Just a regular Friday night.

If you aren’t planning to spend the evening at the movies, you can still honor the film by bringing your superpowers to a party. Here’s how:

Free Booze: Be the guy who walks around with a full bottle of hard stuff and share with anyone who asks. Instant friend maker.

Shot-Gun Shootout: Challenge others to shot-gun beers with you. When they end up choking on their drink, raise your arms in victory.

Play Bartender: Post up by the drinks and concoct something magical. Hand it out to the guests and take all the credit.

Designated Driver: Sacrifice a night of drinking to make sure your friends get home safely. Is there a better superpower than that?

Remember, if Mark Ruffalo can be a superhero – so can you.