Experienced drinkers know what they like. They’ll stick to the same brands, the same liquors, and the same mixed drinks when they hit the town. But routine can get boring. If you’re looking for a night of something new, why not go all the way with it? Absinthe and Moonshine are the big leagues. If you aren’t used to drinking them, be sure to pace yourself. They hit fast and they hit hard. But what’s the best way to enjoy something so dangerous?


A key player in episodes of shows like New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, and BoJack Horseman – A naive Absinthe drinker will leave his or her experience with nothing but embarrassment and a seemingly irreparable hangover. But that’s why you have us. Here are the keys to enjoying your Absinthe, and looking like a bad ass while you do:

You’ll need a few props if you want to get this right: a Pontarlier glass, an Absinthe spoon, ice cold water, and sugar cubes. If you don’t have the right glass, any cup will do. If you, like most of the population, are without an Absinthe spoon then find something similar to a spork that will hold a sugar cube in place but allow it to drip down into your glass.

The typical mixture is 1 part Absinthe, 3 parts water. Begin by pouring a 30 ml shot of Absinthe into the glass. If you are using a Pontarlier glass, you can just fill the bottom bubble. Then, place your sugar cube on the spoon and let them rest on top of the glass. Slowly pour your ice cold water over the sugar and watch it melt and fall into the Absinthe. After the sugar is melted and the appropriate amount of water has been added you should be left with a milky, cloudy beverage that is ready to sip. You’ll also look like the coolest guy at the party.


The reputation of Moonshine makes you feel extra-cool when you take a sip. A crucial piece of southern heritage, you can usually find it in a resealable mason jar, but more and more restaurants are adding it to their drink menus.

Moonshine gives the drinker options. You can drink it straight in slow, small sips if you want to grow some hair on your chest. This is made much easier when the Moonshine is flavored with something like apple and cinnamon, blackberry, or peach.

You can also choose to enjoy your Moonshine in a cocktail. A relative to whiskey, it’s a simple choice to take your usual whiskey and bourbon mixtures and swap in some ‘shine. Our personal favorite is pouring some Peach Moonshine in with iced tea then squeezing in a lemon. It’s a refreshing nod the the drink’s southern roots.

While both of these beverages offer delicious alternatives to your usual drink routine, it’s important that you don’t go overboard. Enjoy responsibly and don’t forget to share.