We know you like cold beer, but have you ever thought about freezing it? Sure, it’s true that alcohol can’t fully freeze (we learned that the hard way when our parents caught us refilling their vodka bottle with water). But the main ingredient, water, can get pretty icy in the right conditions. The process called ‘jacking’ is where you freeze your beer, fish out the ice, and drink what’s left. What’s left, you ask? A super cold drink with a super high alcohol content. Give it a try, but be sure to do your research first. The wrong container can lead to an explosion and a lot of wasted beer.

Hot beer used to be a staple back in the day. It sounds a little counterintuitive now, but when a winter has been as long as this one you want your warm drink to have more than a little kick. There’s an art to the warm beer, though. You can’t heat up any old can and enjoy it. When brews like an IPA turn up the temperature they taste like the stuff of nightmares. A safer bet is an ale with a few spices added in for taste.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the temperatures or hide under your blankets with a warm drink, beer will be right there by your side. And that is why we love it.