Who doesn’t feel more festive with a stiff drink? With the holidays in full swing we’re thinking long and hard about our spirits choices. Here are our top four booze picks:

Pinnacle Whipped: Whipped vodka can go in just about anything, and you better believe we’ll be adding whipped cream on top of the cocktail too. After all, Pinnacle’s tag line is “it’s more fun on top.”

Captain Morgan’s: We don’t drink cider without rum, so of course this makes our holiday to-do list. We’ll be sneaking this into our glasses long after the holidays are over.

Jameson Black Barrel: We love whiskey any time of year. Black Barrel is especially good for the holidays because it’s delicious in spicy, apple-y cocktails.

Baileys: The perfect spirit for the season. We’ll be adding it to our coffee and drinking it over ice. Try out their new Hazelnut flavor for an added bonus.

What spirits do you always have to have for the holidays?