sourceThe holiday season is upon us. Christmas lights are finally acceptable, people have started to buy their trees and gifts. Even the grumpiest of Scrooges seem to be in a lighter mood when “Let it Snow!” is playing. Our favorite part? Holiday movies! You’re lying if you say you’ve never heard of “25 Days of Christmas” special on Freeform (formerly, ABC Family).

To make this movie marathon even better- our friends at Icenhauer have created holiday cocktails inspired by our favorite films.

Buddy’s Buzz Brew (Elf)This buzz worthy cocktail is made with coffee and vanilla infused bourbon, Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters, muddled orange and simple syrup. We strongly believe this would be Buddy’s drink of choice.

Clark’s ‘Nog (Christmas Vacation): A delicious concoction of spiced rum, Kahlua, and eggnog. Top with some freshly grated nutmeg, it’s the perfect holiday cocktail!

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! (A Christmas Story): Candy cane infused double chocolate vodka (holy yum) and Bailey’s Irish Cream is like Christmas in a glass. Kris Kringle would approve.

Thurman’s Merman (Bad Santa): This drink combines clove infused bourbon, cranberry liqueur, angostura bitters and brut champagne. There’s nothing bad about this cocktail (hello, there’s champagne).

Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal (Home Alone): Vanilla vodka with butterscotch schnapps topped with sparkling wine. Simple and delicious!

So turn your TV’s on to Freeform, grab a drink, a cozy blanket and enjoy the holiday season!

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