giphyHappy Valentine’s Day! To help you celebrate, we’ve concocted a list of drinks that you’ll love even more than the preens you spend it with. Enjoy!

1. The Champagne Drink

You’re classic fancy pants bubbly with a twist. Literally. Just a dash of bitters, 1 sugar cube, and a lemon twist in your favorite champagne will make you realize how lucky your S.O. is to be with you. Recipe: Epicurious’ Classic Champagne Cocktail

2. The Red/Pink Drink

It there’s a time to drink some red and fruity, it’s today. But to make it a little less lame and little more yum, we’ve serving up The Love Bite. It’s a layered shot that tastes like an orange/cherry creamsicle with a kick. Recipe: The Love Bite Shot

3. The Sharable Drink

Scorpion Bowls aren’t exactly what you think of as a romantic drink, but since you can share it, it seems pretty lovey dovey to me. And you can always add more straws if you’re into that sort of thing. Recipe: Jeff Mauro’s Scorpion Bowl

4. The Chocolatey Drink

Coffee liqueur, Irish Cream, Crème de cacao, and Grand Marnier make for one delicious way to top off the night. To top off your drink, and your date, use whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a cherry. Recipe: Chocolate Coffee Kiss

5. The On Fire Drink

If Valentine’s Day isn’t going your way, try this cocktail. It’ll give you a buzz and the name will make you smile. Recipe: Flaming A**hole