If you love drinking, you don’t necessarily have to show that at your wedding by having an open bar (though guests will ALWAYS love that.) A more personal way bride’s have been showing their enthusiasm for a good alcoholic beverage is by choosing a signature drink for their reception. If you’re planning your wedding, here are a few ways you can decide on your signature drink:

Choose your favorite
It’s easy to get caught up in little details, but the answer might be already in your hand – your favorite drink. If your husband-to-be loves Jack and Coke and you love a specific white wine from your local winery, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t share that with your close friends and family.

Something with personal significance
Has a certain cocktail played a prominent role in your life? You could choose a drink that you drank on your first date or the day you got engaged. Maybe you and your fiancé took a wonderful vacation and tried a new drink that really made an impact on you. You could also choose a drink that corresponds to your heritage.

Match the theme of your wedding
A lot of brides craft their signature drink menu to match the theme of their wedding. Some base their drink selection on their wedding’s colors and some will base it on the overall theme – vintage, classy, fun, modern, quirky, etc. For every wedding theme there is an alcoholic beverage that embodies that theme as well.

Remember, your signature cocktail is just a small part of your wedding, but if done correctly, it’s a great way to express yourself. If you’re stressing out too much about the big day, chill out and unwind with a drink.