Are you a little bit clumsy, but love a good glass of Merlot? Good news, all of your problems have been solved, well maybe not all your problems, but definitely one! A couple of geniuses over at SuperDuperStudio in San Francisco recently released a spill-proof wine glass, coming to the rescue of white carpets and tablecloths all over the world.

The stemless Saturn wine glass has a foolproof design that took 4 years of research to perfect. With a space inspired style the glass does not immediately tip on impact, and instead rolls around in an orbit because of the wide curved edge above the base of the glass. None of the precious liquid inside is spilled while the glass is spinning, that is if you didn’t fill it to the very top.

If you’re blessed with Italian genes and are constantly flailing your hands when telling a good story at the dinner table these are probably starting to sound like a necessity. The glasses go for $52 a piece, which doesn’t seem unreasonable considering they are hand shaped before being blown into glass molds by artisans in Oakland, CA.

All the buzz surrounding the glasses has made quite an impact and they are currently on backorder, so if you just invested in some new flooring you should probably get yourself on the waiting list quickly. With a set of these lightweight little babies there will be no more crying over spilled wine!