Just like our elders told us all along, moderation is key.

If you love to booze and you appreciate a good workout, this trend is right up your alley– or yoga mat for that matter. Breweries, studios, and workout junkies have come together– proving humanity is smarter than ever before– to combine a hearty workout with a hearty drink. Yes, you read that right.

In cities across the country you can find events hosted by local brewers, running clubs, or yoga studios that offer classes and group exercise followed by a boozing social event. Why didn’t we think of this before? Well, maybe because the two activities are typically contradictory– but, not anymore. Enthusiasts of such workout boozing sessions are saying that if it takes a drink or social event afterward to motivate a work out in the first place, than so be it.

Not only is the post-workout drink encouraging, but it also fits nicely with a motto of that yogis follow on a daily bases– balance. Balance is important in all aspects of life, but especially within the body. While a beer or cocktail may not be the best thing for your body, its good for the soul. You can bet we agree with that. This can also explain why Lululemon just announced they have begun to brew their own beer, Curiosity Lager, which will be released August 15th in Canada.

Just like most trends of this sort, it grew out of west in California and Colorado– two very yogi concentrated areas. The social aspect of these events have led a breaking down of walls between the sometimes intimidating workout environment and newcomers as well as in the class itself. Check out the Yoga Journal for popular offerings in areas close to home. If fitness is one of your favorite pastimes, there’s no better way to meet like minded individuals than with a little endorphin release and liquid courage.