If you’re a wino, you may have heard of Women of the Vine. It’s an amazing wine label created by Deborah Brenner, author of the book, Women of the Vine (2006). As she was writing her book, she met many wonderful female vintners and she wanted another way to connect with and tell the stories of these winemakers, winery owners, and grape growers. The Women of the Vine wine label was her way of collaborating with all of these fantastic women; it’s a direct-to-consumer product and all of the wine is sourced from sustainable, family grape growers. It’s an excellent opportunity for smaller winemakers who don’t have the clout that larger brands have. It lets them have a fighting shot at competing for retail space and spots on wine lists across the country.


With the wine label underway, Deborah wanted to expand her idea and teamed up with lifestyle magazine, MORE. The result is a new wine club called MORE Uncorked. It was recently announced at a Women of the Vine event and all of the wine will be hand-crafted by female wine makers and winery owners. There are lots of great features, and three different levels of membership.


You can buy for yourself, or buy it as a gift for someone else and become their BFF for life. Either way, we love this idea and think it’s so great for female vintners to have the opportunity to share their work with the entire country.