What good is a Netflix and Chill session without a bottle of wine? Make that bottle a high quality blend specifically picked out to please your palate and you’ve got yourself the best night in of all time.

Tasting Room is being hailed as the Netflix of Wine Clubs, but we think that it’s actually even easier to use than its video streaming comparison. Rather than spending an hour sifting through lesser options to find the diamond in the rough, Tasting Room sends a crate of “diamonds” right to your door, no mindless searching necessary.

Your first shipment is a box of 6 small, unique tasting bottles. Once you receive the box you go online to the Tasting Room website to begin your official research. They’ll tell you to pair different bottles and choose which you prefer. At the end of the tasting they’ll reveal your Wine Profile which tells you what type of wine you like, where it comes from, pairing suggestions, and even tips on ordering your favorites in a restaurant.

From there they will send out full sized bottles of wines that fit your preference which you can review on the site to strengthen and specify your Wine Profile. If there’s a wine you hate they will credit your account or send you a replacement bottle, so you really can’t lose. If there’s one you love they have a Bottle Shop on the website where you can pick out and special order your favorites.

It’s the easiest way for an amateur wine drinker to get to know their taste buds without embarrassing themselves in public as they stumble around a wine list. Give it a try.