If you like wine as much as we do, you never need a reason to pour yourself a glass or three. We’ve heard drinking alcohol in moderation can help with weight loss before and a recent study by Harvard University determined that women who drank wine had a 70% lower risk of obesity compared to the non-drinkers. The National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also agreed that when alcohol is substituted calorie for calorie for carbs, people tend to lose weight. And we’ve all heard that red wine is good for your heart and can increase your good cholesterol.

As with all alcoholic beverages, moderation is key—binge drinking can negatively affect your waist and can increase the risk of other health issues. Drinking too much wine, or any alcohol, before bed can negatively impact your sleep, so find what works for you!  Next time you’re getting ready to much something before bed, try skipping the snack and have a glass of wine, instead!