Girls just wanna have fun, and distill some delicious booze! Spirit Works Distillery has definitely set a great example for ladies out there who are looking to prove that there is no job that is simply a “man’s job.” Over in Sonoma, co-founder Ashby Marshall and her team of female employees made a name for themselves producing classic gins and vodka. Known for their grain-to-glass method these ladies are now gearing up to add a whiskey to their current line up!

The woman of Spirit Works have been very patient for the past 2 years while they’ve waited for their first two batches of whiskey to age in American white oak barrels. Just in time for the holidays the ladies will release a Straight Rye Whiskey and Straight Wheat Whiskey. From the descriptions we’ve read, both styles sound like they would be right up any whiskey lovers ally, described to have spicy aromas with sweet flavors and light finishes.

Spirit Works Distillers is very proud of their all-female production team, and believes that the spirits have greatly benefited from their creative, estrogen filled atmosphere and the unique monthly experiments they dream up. The distillery is currently housing barrels of aging whiskey that is “listening” to different styles of music while it sits. Artists ranging from Led Zeppelin to the San Francisco Symphony are pumped into the aging whiskey barrels with the hopes that the vibrations will enable more “inhalation and exhalation from the wood.” We can only hope that works out for them, even though we are confused as to why the Whiskey isn’t listening to more Beyoncé!