Pens up. Time for a multiple choice question.


Is it more successful/comfortable/appropriate to drink on a blind date: a.) never, b.) before the date (to loosen up), or c.) during the date so you are both, you know, relaxing at the same rate. Let’s not forget d.) all of the above.


If you’ve ever suffered through — we mean, been on — a blind date, jump in here with a comment.


We’ll start. We’re partial to d.) all of the above — in moderation, of course. And we’ll also offer this footnote: don’t meet a blind date at a bar. In our case, the blind date came early; we came fashionably late. Bad idea. By the time we arrived, our date was already calling us “Dude.” (Gentlemen, please. Don’t ever — no matter how much you’ve had to drink — call a woman “Dude.”)


But enough about us. Here’s what other blind daters had to say: “…perhaps a drink beforehand break(s) the ice, gives you both the chance to relax and unwind. Make sure that you don’t drink too much though, getting drunk on a first date is a sure-fire way to guarantee that it’s your last.”


Manoharv2001: “Go for drinks instead of dinner. Drinks are much less pressure. Dinner can feel daunting for a blind date because you have to make it through the entire meal before you can leave, whereas drinks can be brought to a close at any point. And keep in mind that if you are hitting it off, drinks can always turn into dinner or the scheduling of a second date.” agrees: “Watch the alcohol. The Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger says not to drink more than two cocktails because you need clarity. I agree about the clarity; you don’t want to sober up after a month and realize you’re not attracted to the guy. However, two drinks isn’t much, especially if it’s a long date. Depending on your tolerance, who’s driving, and whether or not you eat, I think it’s okay to have three or four.”


Your turn.