Ladies, gone are your college days of carrying around boxed wine in an over-sized boho purse. Sassy and sophisticated women don’t hide their box of wine; they tote it around proudly as their newest accessory. But how do you keep it classy when you’re drinking out of a box? A little ingenuity and a lot of fashion sense.
Vernissage has released an elevated boxed wine in the shape of a purse, eliminating the need to hide your love of the boxed stuff. The spout pops out when you’re ready to drink, but if you want to carry it around town beforehand, no one is going to know the difference.

Like all fashionable brands, the Vernissage purse wine comes in three colors to match your outfit and your drinking preferences.

• White wine: Chardonnay Viognier, 13% ABV. The purse is a checkered combination of white, cream and gold.
• Red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.5% ABV. The purse is a checkered combination of black, grey and gold.
• Rosé: Syrah Rosé, 13% ABV. The purse is a checkered combination of dark pink, light pink and gold.

Although it is obviously a little gimmicky (tacky, strange, cheap… insert other adjectives here _______), the folks who created the packaging took their job very seriously and actually won awards for their design. The Vernissage wine purse even won a prestigious gold award in the Pentawards, the world’s largest packaging design competition.

We salute the Vernissage wine purse folks for their commitment to drinking. Would you be caught wearing your boxed wine?