After a certain point, it feels like we’ve tried everything to keep from aging. Our wrinkles get deeper, our skin begins to sag, and a simple glance in the mirror can ruin your whole day. Vine Vera wants to return our skin to its former glory using an ingredient we know and love: wine.

We love a good article about why a glass of red wine a day will lead to a healthier life, but we hadn’t thought about rubbing it on our skin. It turns out there is a lot more science at work in our glasses than we thought. The antioxidants in wine grapes have age defying properties, called resveratrol. That’s the genius at play in Vine Vera.

With 8 different collections named after different types of wine, Vine Vera covers a spectrum of skin care needs. Merlot targets hydration, Chianti helps to recover and revive, Moscato is for sensitive skin, and so on.

It all sounds wonderful until you look at the price tag. The cheapest product rings in at $300 with the most ritzy collections reaching over $7,000. This isn’t your average beauty product, but if you’ve got that money to blow then more power to ya.