While being composed and lady-like might be a priority most of the time, sometimes we just need to let go. In honor of the long awaited Universal Picture’s comedy Trainwreck, which premieres in theaters tonight, we thought it appropriate to talk about those favorite memories you can’t seem to remember– your train wreck girl’s nights. We’ve all had them.

If the thought just popped into your mind of the last time you woke up with your heels still on, pizza on the floor, and visions of you and your girls killing it on the dance floor, then looks like you know just what we are talking about. Even more shocking, with someone else in your bed. Maybe you have a couple bruises and something unexplainable in your hair, but your home and in walking distance of a glass of water, so consider it a night well spent. If this didn’t resonate, maybe it’s time you go a little bigger than usual this weekend. After you see Trainwreck in theaters, of course.

This type of train wreck doesn’t need a cause investigation put forth, its pretty obvious from the get-go what set this one in motion. Hint? It’s the booze you’ve been calling your best friend for the past two hours.  In the movie, Amy, played by Amy Schumer, is a promiscuous and free-spirited individual whose wild side is always out to play. When she meets someone she can be herself around and actually have drunken fun with, she falls in love for the first time and might even change her outlook on monogamy– we will soon find out. Maybe she’s got the right idea? Sometimes you need to let yourself train wreck in order to finally move smooth riding.

On a normal night, a train wreck probably isn’t the goal– doesn’t mean it won’t accidentally happen. But, when the full moon is out or the steam has been building up for weeks, the wild in us is bound to sneak out a little. Here’s what we think– let it (goes without saying, safety comes first). But if your with your girls and your feeling good– now is as good a time as any. You might just fall upon your soulmate.