Since the early 1990s, the rich, the famous, and the self-spoilers have been indulging in red wine baths and other wine related skin and body treatments. It all started when Mathilde Thomas, a vineyard owner, teamed up with French Cosmetics company, Caudalie. In its beginnings, the company focused on the production of wine-based skin products and after discovering great success, developed a spa chain.

The concept, come to known at Vinotherapy, is getting all its hype for its acclaimed anti-aging and invigorating effects. So as modern wine-enthusiasts ourselves, it’s no question we are stoked to learn just one more reason wine is correctly placed at the center of our hearts. Red wine contains antioxidants– specifically polyphenols.  These are abundant in the key ingredient of wine, grape seed oil. With treatments such as wine baths– literally soaking in hot red wine, grape seed scrubs, and honey and wine wraps– users claim they can see a reduction in wrinkles, a shift in cellulite, and even a subtle facelift. The spa at Caudalie also offers a hot red wine bath with “strategically placed jets” to increase blood circulation throughout the body. Sounds like something worthy of adding to any wine-lovers bucket list.

While it is scientifically true that wine does contain these antioxidants, the effects of wine treatments have not yet been proven. The truth is, the polyphenols have poor success rates with passing through the skin–leaving scientists to question the significance that these treatments are capable of.  A modern wine lovers extreme level of wishful thinking, if you will. But by all means, if you have the time, the wine, and the money, why not test it out? You let you be the judge.