Most of us have experienced a time when our budget only allowed for a few bottles of Two Buck Chuck on the weekends, and it was most likely during our senior year of college. When we look back on those years, we remind ourselves never to turn our noses at in inexpensive bottle of vino.

Now, for times when we are less than impressed with the quality of our cheap wine, we recommend making a last stich effort to improve it! The trick we are about to share with you is called The Blender Method, which reportedly improves the flavor of a cheap wine quickly!

All you need is a kitchen blender and a bottle of cheap wine. Follow these steps and your inexpensive bottle will be brought up a few notches.

1. Pour the entire bottle of wine into the blender
2. Seal the cover tightly
3. Blend the wine for 20 to 30 seconds (this process aerates the wine)
4. Let the wine settle
5. Pour, sip & enjoy!

So, the next time your college pals bring over a few questionable bottles, lets us know if The Blender Method works for you!