At DIA, we spend a good amount of time looking at what women drink. Today, we take a look at the women who make it.

While women-owned distilleries and breweries are around, they still face hardships that typical places do not. It is harder for women in the industry to find jobs to gain experience, and Jennifer Talley, of Salt Lake City’s Squatter’s Pub & Brewery said that most places wouldn’t even interview her because of stereotypes that “women just can’t brew.”

Today, we toast the women who put the drinks in our glasses. Give them a shout out of your own by purchasing their products next time you’re buying. Here’s a short list of notables:

• Skinnygirl – Bethenny Frankel
• Cascade Peak Spirits Inc. — Diane Paulson, President and CEO
• Railean is the first women-owned distillery to produce American Rum certified as “Made in USA”.
• Veracity Spirits
• Montanya Distillers is co-owned and operated by a woman.
• Troy & Sons Moonshine — Troy Ball, Founder
• Lake Placid Spirits — President, Ann Stillman O’Leary
• Heritage Distilling Company — “We are majority owned by women.”

• Stoudt’s Brewery — Carol Stoudt (former kindergarten teacher)
• Intercourse Brewing Company — Nicole Courides
• New Belgium Brewing Company — Kim Jordan
• Six Rivers Brewery — Meredith Maier and Talia Nachshon
• Steelhead Brewery — Teri Fahrendorf, brewmaster
• Salt Lake City’s Squatter’s Pub & Brewery — Jennifer Talley
• Portneuf Valley Brewing — Penny Pink
• Jackalope Brewing Company — Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball
• Lost Coast Brewery — Barbara Groom


Troy Ball, founder of Troy & Sons Moonshine Photo