Drinking wine is a pleasure enjoyed by many. There are no prejudices: color, price or occasion. Yet, there seems to be this idea that drinking straight out of the bottle is not appropriate. The reasoning behind this is unknown- we proudly support any method of drinking wine. Whether you are one of those people who like to politely sip your wine out of glass or chug it from a Red Solo cup, all the power to you. We’ve got something that every person who loves wine will want to add to their Christmas list.

It’s called Guzzle Buddy. The gadget turns your wine bottle into a wine glass. The brand’s motto is to “plug it and chug it” because “pouring is boring.” Skip the pouring of glass after glass, skip suffering from “wine wrist” and avoid the red wine dripping and consequent staining. This glass attached directly to you bottle of wine will solve all your problems.

How does this work, you ask? As you tilt the bottle, the Guzzle Buddy gently aerates the wine, giving you a whole new drinking experience. It’s every wine-o’s dream come true. The retail price is very reasonable at $29.99. Just think of all the spilling, glass breaking and pouring you’ll be avoiding! The holidays are fasting approaching, give your wine addict friends a present they’ll love.