Filming has FINALLY begun on the long awaited third installment of the Bridget Jones Films. This latest addition to the storyline, entitled Bridget Jones’s Baby, has a few notable differences, including the absence of Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver, the addition of Patrick Dempsey in an unknown capacity, and, as you may have deduced from the title of the film, the added variable of a baby. While we can’t wait to learn more about this film, we’re going to take a look back on our favorite Bridget Jones moments–which tend to involve alcohol. Remember, deep down in all of us, there’s an impulsive, directionless, thirsty woman who is trying to find her way.



First and foremost, we have all experienced (be it first-hand or second-hand) a drunk co-worker. They mean well, and are honestly just trying to have a good time. Yet, somehow, this coworker finds him or herself saddling up to the VP of HR making some inappropriate yo mamma jokes.




Most often on Monday and Friday mornings, we find ourselves regretting the amount we may have drank the night before.  As we get older, we find that we no longer have the stamina, nor the will, nor the ability to drink as much as we did back in the day. And that’s okay.



However, every now and then, whether we’re down in the dumps, over-tired, frustrated, or absolutely ecstatic, we willingly down multiple glasses of wine. We sit in our pj’s, we tune out the rest of the world, and we bask in the glory of freedom. And that’s okay too.


There should always be room for self-pity, over indulgence, and the willingness to believe that we exist in an actual rom-com. Because without our dramatics, without our impulse, we wouldn’t be able to guiltlessly down bottles of wine at a time. For every situation, there is a solution. And that solution is usually wine.

Now go forth and reminisce in all of your Jones-like moments. Because hey, at least life is interesting.

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