Some countries are known for not only drinking a lot, but also for their contribution to the alcoholic beverage industry. Russia for their vodka, Ireland for Guinness. The list goes on. But how much of these reputations actually measure up? The World Health Organization recently revealed the results of their recorded alcohol per capita consumption form 2000 to May 2016. You can find the article here.

This study ultimately ranks the heaviest drinking nations. Out of the 186, the US came in 41st place. Not too shabby. As a continent, the booziest people are by far the Europeans. It makes sense given how much alcohol is integrated in their culture and habits. The #1 country on the list is Belarus with a per capita rate of 17.3 liters of alcohol consumed annually (we’re booking our flights now). Now, going back to Russia and Ireland, both notoriously known for having the booziest cultures, were neck and neck in their drinking habits. But the Irish ultimately won out with a rate of 11.72 liters yearly while Russians consume 11.04 liters on a yearly basis.

A map was created to demonstrate through shades of purple how much each nation consumes. The darker the purple, the boozier the country. So start saving up those travel funds- you’ve got a lot of boozy ground to cover!