One of our favorite viral videos is still getting thousands of hits every day, even though it was posted in April. Sauza Tequila created “Make It With A Fireman,” a video that combines a sexy fireman, adorable kitten, and some foreign languages. Oh yeah, and they snuck a recipe for Sauza margaritas in there too. Check out our article on it here.
We’ve noticed the trend continuing with Skinny Girl Cocktails, and “Lady Rules.” They take a completely different approach than Sauza, focusing on the traditional stereotypes of ladylike behavior and how they have evolved. We like it because Skinny Girl embraces the fun, relaxed, and playful nature of contemporary women.
Where are the beer ads targeted towards women? We have not recently seen one that can appreciate women who like good beer. Most are either demeaning, or assume that all women enjoy light, fruity, and fizzy beer.
What’re your favorite ads targeted towards women? Tell us in the comments.