Imagine yourself soaking in a tub of warm sudsy water. Lavender scents fill the air, and you’re as relaxed as you’ll ever be. Now replace the sudsy water with beer, and the lavender with hops, and you’ve got Hop in the Spa, the latest media craze out of Sisters, OR.

Up until four months ago, founder Mike Boyle wasn’t your traditional beer guy. He preferred wine, and didn’t question his ways. However, after a recent car accident, he found himself lying on a massage table talking about the virtues of hops with his massage therapist. She wanted a new product to market to her clients, and he happened to have a marketing background. Thus, thanks to a partnership with brewery Deschutes, Hop in the Spa was born.

You may be asking yourself a couple questions. Mainly, why and how? Well, hops have serious healing properties, like exfoliating and conditioning. They take a whole lot of boiling water, combine it with hops, barley, and minerals, steep the materials, and then pipe them into bathtubs. That’s where you come in. After an hour-long soak, a massage will top of the perfectly relaxing day.