Little did we know that one of our favorite rom-com actresses possesses another talent we all as ladies admire, making wine! Recently in an interview with The Wine Enthusiast Hudson revealed her passion for wine making, giving us all the details about her little shop in Santa Barbara. With the guidance of Peter and Rebecca Work of Ampelos Cellars, along with her ex Matt Bellamy, the celeb produces some quality vino. Hudson explains that her interest in wine sparked during her childhood while looking up to her parents who were both wine lovers, taking family vacations to Burgundy and Bordeaux when she was just a teenager.

The starlet went on to tell the publication that although there isn’t too many similarities between her acting career and beloved wine making hobby, while partaking in both she feels creativity is a necessity. Her creativity has helped to inspire a variety of wine, including Rosés, a Sauvigon Blanc, Pinots, and Cabernets. She also attested to the fact that although her and Bellamy are no longer a couple, they are still family and will continue to happily make wine together.

You can feel good about yourself when sipping this wine, and were not just talking about the vino buzz, proceeds support a handful of charities including The Hawn Foundation and War Child. For an inside look at the duo’s winery, which was established in 2011, follow them on instagram at @hudsonbellamywines.