Some questions (or rather, their answers) sum up the contradiction that is America: we’re all free to be you and me, but we’re also fiercely opinionated.


Proof is in this poll taken by The Stir at Question was: When you see other pregnant women doing something they “shouldn’t,” like drink alcohol, do you say something or mind your own business?


Out of 200 respondents:


19% said, “A baby’s health is at stake — of course I say something!”


82% say, “Every mama makes her own choices — I wouldn’t say something even if I disagreed with the behavior.”


We were a little surprised by this. While some doctors say an occasional glass of wine after the first trimester may be okay, the Surgeon General warns there is no known safe amount of alcohol to drink while pregnant.


Then it dawned on us that if the third question asked in this poll were: “I wouldn’t SAY anything, but I’d give her ‘the look’ and bad mouth her to the people I’m with” most of that 82% might fall into this camp.


How about you? Are you a speaker-upper, or a let-it-goer?