women's friendship day

As we grow up, it’s far too easy to let our important female friendships fall by the wayside. It’s not that we don’t love a little girl time, but it seems that family, work and “grown-up” obligations seem to get in the way of gossip and bad movies. Before we know it, we realize that we haven’t had a real conversation with our best friend in months. Sad, right? Well cheer up, because it’s National Women’s Friendship Day.


National Women’s Friendship Day is always the third Sunday in September and it’s an awesome day that exists simply to promote special friendship among women. Call up your girlfriends and tell them they have to hang out with you because this is a very real, very important holiday. If they try to act like they’re too busy, tell them alcohol will be involved – that usually gets anyone moving (or maybe that’s just our friends?)


If you’re going to spend the day with your gal pals, make sure you have a plan in place. Here are a few fun ideas that allow for bonding and drinking time:



Every woman enjoys going to brunch – seriously, it’s coded into our DNA. It’s really only a one to two hour time commitment and there’s all-you-can-eat eggs benedict…um, heck yes. Also, unlike breakfast, it condones and supports drinking before happy hour: mimosas, anyone?


Apple Picking

If you live in regions of the U.S. where the trees are now filled with beautiful red apples, it’s the perfect time to head out and pick a few bags full at your local orchard. This gives you time to walk and talk with your pals and also work up a good thirst. When you’re done picking the apples, go home and have a pie baking party while you sip on hard apple cider.


Spa Day

You and your friends are all very busy and deserve a little bit of relaxation. Make sure you choose services where you can all sit together (pedicure, manicure) instead of ones where you go off into separate rooms (facial, massage). Also make sure you choose a spa that provides plenty of champagne, or at least lets you bring your own.