There are a few vineyards near our home. We go for special occasions, like anniversaries, or when out-of-town visitors come for a weekend.


On our last visit, we saw a group of women who looked to be about the same age, great friends, and happy, quite frankly, to be enjoying the great outdoors. They were not dressed up or dolled up. They looked like they were in between errands or conference calls. One had a tennis skirt on.


When a limo arrived to pick them up, I bravely investigated, “What a nice idea for a birthday,” I fished. Two of the women turned to me and said, “No birthday here. Just a mommy playdate.”


Now, that’s an idea.


I called the limo company later that day and found that, yes, they often cart small groups of women to the grape-graced countryside for a few hours to bond, relax, gossip, kvetch, laugh — basically, get away from it all.


Interested? Check with your local limousine company, if you have a vineyard in your neck of the woods.


Or check out places like They have a Wine Tour & Spa Day for just $145 per person.


In Southern California, Executive VIP Airport Shuttle offers wine tasting tours for four hours by limo ($185 for up to six people) or by van ($260 for twelve people).