It’s no surprise, but the most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. This also may not surprise you, but most people don’t end up keeping their resolution. However, we want you to succeed because our readers are awesome and we love you. Don’t make some dumb decision not to drink at all because everyone knows that is the worst idea ever. Instead, drink smarter.
Beer Drinkers

Overall, beer isn’t that bad. Switch to light beer and try not to drink 5,000 of them. Some companies have super light beers that have even fewer calories – try Miller Genuine Draft 64 or Bud Select 55.

Wine Drinkers

We think any wine is free game. It’s pretty low calorie and relatively healthy. The hardest part is not filling your giant wine glass to the brim; wine is all about portion control. Try to stick to red wine if you can because in addition to the low calories, it has proven health benefits as well.

Hard Liquor

Hard liquor is tricky because alone, it’s not so bad. One shot is normally going to be about 100 calories or less…but who takes one shot? If you want to have a mixed drink, this is where you need to begin to make changes; don’t choose a drink with a million different kinds of alcohol and mixers. Avoid the high calorie, high sugar juices and sodas and mix with a diet soda, diet tonic water or regular sparkling water. Squeeze in a lemon or lime for some more flavor.

Of course, if you’re making your drinks at home, don’t forget Skinnygirl Cocktails as well. Bethenny couldn’t make her marriage work, but the girl can make a low calorie cocktail like no other. The main part of her line includes ready to serve cocktails, so you can have your favorite drinks without worrying about the high calorie add-ins.

The most important thing to remember is not to overdo it with any of these drinks. None of them are low calorie if you drink a ton of them. Also, you know that after ten beers you will be calling the pizza place down the street for an “emergency” delivery and we’re pretty sure pepperoni isn’t part of most diets. (Don’t worry, we’ve done it too.)