Remy Martin Ring

Have you ever found yourself drinking cognac and wishing that you looked more seductive?


Yeah, we haven’t either.


However, it seems that Remy Martin, the king of cognac, seems to think that’s an issue for many women. They wanted to figure out how to combine their cognac with “the art of seduction” as a way to entice the female population to drink their French brandy more often. To do this, the brand turned to art students for inspiration. The “best” design came from design student Merve Kahraman from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


“Basically, we asked the students to link our cognac – the bottle, the decanter and the way of tasting cognac – with the art of seduction. Merve investigated the tasting ritual from the feminine perspective.” Manon Missonge, a rep from Remy Martin, said in an interview with NPR.


What did Merve and Remy Martin come up with? Stylish, wearable sippers… naturally. The company unveiled miniature snifters and wine glasses attached to colorful rings. We prefer diamonds attached to our rings, but hey, to each her own.


Fortunately (unfortunately?), this liquored up jewelry was only produced for a few art exhibits and isn’t available to the general public. Remy Martin was probably hoping the buzz surrounding the exhibits would help them determine whether or not to produce these babies commercially, but somehow we don’t think that’s going to happen.


Sure it’s an ok novelty idea, but when it comes down to practicality, they really missed the mark. Wouldn’t even a small glass of liquor be kind of heavy on your finger? What if you like to talk with your hands? What if you don’t want to attend an elegant function wearing something that looks like a glorified Ring Pop? Also, how does wearing a mini shot glass on your hand make you look more seductive?


Would you ever wear your liquor glass?