giphyCome one come all – International Women’s Day is finally among us! Today is intended to celebrate the economic, cultural, political and social achievements of all women around the world. Still, it must be made aware that the progress allowing for such accomplishments has slowed down in many places across the globe. With this, the urge to take action to enforce gender parity is a primary priority of this year’s campaign. Unsure on how to take part? You can make your Pledge for Parity here, or you can always try testing out any of these alcoholic beverages preferred by some historically significant women.

Dorothy Parker: Gin Martini

Ms. Parker was an American Poet, short story writer, critic and satirist. Know for her fantastic wit and wisecracks, Parker has been quoted referencing her choice of cocktail: “I love to drink martinis, two at the very most, three I’m under the table, four I’m under the host.”

Queen Elizabeth: Gin and Dubbonet

Besides corgis, the mother of the current reigning queen—who’s been Queen of England since 1952—has quite the knack for loving gin. One of The Queen Mother’s former personal attendants once noted that, “she would start her drinking day at noon with her favorite tipple, gin and Dubonnet: two parts Dubonnet – a pink vermouth – to one part gin. (She) rarely went a day without having at least one of these and getting the mix right was crucial.”

Oprah: Pomegranate or Lemon Drop Martini

Mixologists and bartenders have altered all sorts of classic cocktails over the years. Oprah is a fan of martinis that are a little sweeter, citing lemon drops or fruity martinis as her favorite options.

Marilyn Monroe: Champagne

An American actress and pin up model, Monroe is often remembered as the sex symbol of the 1950s. The Los Angeles born and raised pop culture icon is as notably recognized as her go to drink—champagne. To truly appreciate her glamour, we suggest pouring yourself some bubbly and standing over some subway grating for full effect.

Martha Washington: Rum Punch 

Both George and Martha Washington knew how to get down. Martha took her entertaining duties very seriously as first lady, and thus constantly held lavish parties. The drinks Martha often served before dinner were usually made with spirits from George’s own distillery. However, it can be said that many attended the Washington’s events for one thing only: Martha’s renowned Rum punch.

Zelda Fitzgerald: Gin Rickey

Both F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda were big fans of boozing; they were known to be quite the couple of mischievous drunks. Fitzgerald enjoyed gin because, as he claimed, no one could smell it emanating from his mouth when he spoke. However, we bet that when he and Zelda ended up drunkenly dancing naked at parties (which was bound to occur), no one was paying attention to Zelda’s husband’s booze breath.