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With Halloween is a mere four days away, and pumpkin spice is so “in” that it’s pretty much a way of life. It seems as though everywhere we turn, there’s a pumpkin-themed something: pumpkin spice cheese at the grocery store, ironic pumpkin spice t-shirts at the mall, pumpkin spice treats at the office, and even pumpkin spice beer at the bar. And although our minds are telling us no, our bodies are telling us yes; we love pumpkin spice. So, in the name of trend following, we’ve rounded up the best pumpkin flavored alcohols around. Behold.

This flavored vodka kingpin has been known to produced overly sweet, headache inducing, dessert vodkas. Known most prominently for their Whipped Cream flavor, the brand has stuck around with a young crowd and has capitalized, capitalized, capitalized. Cue the Pumpkin Pie flavored vodka. It’s been around for a few years now, and is always the impulse buy when you have a free hand in the liquor store. Or if you’re looking for shots, you can do that too.

The liquor that seems to only make appearances on holidays or at your parents house for coffee comes in flavors–who knew? This rum and coffee liquor hybrid started expanding its boundaries a couple of years, but has just recently begun to get some attention. And the word on the street is that its Pumpkin Spice flavor is pretty average. Depending on your palate, it may not be strong enough, or it may be way overly sweet. It’s up to you to figure it out, so maybe give it a try.

If you’re looking for a simple liqueur, this option from Hiram Walker is perfect. Its unoffensive taste and simple approach make it the perfect pumpkin addition to whatever it is you’re trying to concoct. Easier than puree and more fitting than vodka, it’s made using all-natural flavors and caramel. We also noted some vanilla and graham cracker taste, which we were presently surprised by. All in all, now you’re that much closer to making a pumpkin martini.

This niche brand only produces two seasonal flavors: pumpkin pie and apple pie. And boy, do they know what they’re doing. This creamy, rich liqueur tastes like fall in a single sip. While these scrumptious flavors aren’t necessary pumpkin specific, the taste is too good to turn down. It’s not overly sweet, and has the ability to take a drink from 0 to 60 with just a few drops. We’ll absolutely keep an eye open for this bottle the next time we’re looking for a game changer ingredient.