Vodka is one of those liquors that can either be really good or really bad. And when it’s bad, that stuff burns. That burn may not be the type of thing you want to feel in your esophagus, but it is the type of burn that would be awesome for getting your house spic and span. Grab a bottle of the cheap stuff and put it to good use at home.


Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

vodkaclothingYou know when you wear your favorite shirt one day and then the next day you really wish it was clean because you want to wear it again? And you could wear it again because you won’t see the same people, but you don’t have time to do laundry… Cue: vodka.


  • Fill a spray bottle with vodka
  • Hang the shirt in a well-ventilated area
  • Do a spot test first…. just in case. We don’t need you yelling at us because vodka ruined your shirt.
  • Spritz the clothing with a light mist of the vodka
  • Let it stay there and hang to dry


The vodka freshens up your clothes because it kills odor-causing bacteria that may be lurking in the threads – but when dry, vodka leaves no scent behind. So it basically rips the smelliness out of your clothes and leaves no trace of your ghetto laundry skills.


Clean Your Nasty Bathroom

vodkacleaningNo one likes cleaning the bathroom…it’s just – ugh. Vodka, however, can makes things a lot easier on you when it’s time to get down and dirty in the washroom. Just fill a spray bottle with vodka and you can successfully clean:


  • The shower. Spray vodka all over the walls, tub and curtain liner. Let it sit on there for about five minutes and then wash everything down. Vodka will kill mold and soap scum and even prevent mold from growing back.
  • Fixtures like sink and shower knobs and spouts. Grab a soft, clean cloth and the vodka and you can shine chrome, glass, and porcelain fixtures.
  • The bathroom mirror. Just give it a spritz and a wipe and it will get all of the gunk off.


Let Your Flowers Live Longer

vodkaflowersWe complain to our significant other all the time about how we want flowers, but when we finally get them, they live for a few days – tops. What gives? If you want to enjoy the romantic gesture a little bit longer, here’s how vodka can help you out:


  • When you fill the vase with water, add a tiny bit of vodka (like a few drops) and 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • Toss out the mixture every day and then refill it again to make sure it’s always fresh


That’s IT. Apparently we’ve got a lot in common with flowers – give us some vodka and sugar every day and we’ll be nice to everyone.