highheelbrewingMany have tried and most have failed to design a craft beer specifically for women. Kristi McGuire is using her 20 years of industry experience to come at the target in a new and calculated way.
High Heel Brewing from Lakeland, Florida will be turning out two brand new brews this June. The ingredients and tastes are meant to appeal to women who are either already in on the craft beer scene or still looking for a way into the game.
Too Hop’d to Handle is an American IPA that rings in at a high 8.4 ABV. It’s super hoppy and perfect if you’re just trying to take things slow. The second brew is called Slingback. It’s a hybrid of ale and pear cider with passionfruit juice, chamomile and elderflower inside. This one is easier to throw back at 5.4 ABV.
It’s no coincidence that the first two offerings are so different. HHB is trying to mirror the diversity of the craft beer landscape to show a newcomer that just because hoppy beers may not be for them, doesn’t mean they can’t find something else they enjoy.
The jury is still out on whether or not this is a winning idea. Some women are excited to try the new brews while others aren’t warming up to the suggestion that they need their own drinks. The only thing we know for sure is that after a few bottles of Too Hop’d to Handle, we’ll all be feeling pretty good.