The Italian Wine and Food Advocates Alfresco Dinner

Have no fear…okay maybe just a little fear.

Rumor is your favorite bubbly might be a bit back ordered this season. In an interview with The Drinks Business, Roberto Cremonese, the export manager of a large Prosecco manufacturer, admitted, “last year’s harvest was very poor, and down by 50% in some parts, so there is a very real possibility of global shortage”. Even if Prosecco is not your regular drink of choice, the simple mutter of “Prosecco shortage” ignites a fear that you may not get to enjoy the sweet, sparkly, Italian specialty that leaves our mouths tingling and hearts happy.

A heavy rain season made for a poor harvest, while our love of fizzy low-cost wine brought the higher demand – like they say, it takes two. However, you won’t have to say goodbye for long–next harvest could lead to happier times.

We’ll get through this together, one drink at a time. In the mean time, if you need to find a temporary substitute for your beloved Prosecco, check out these fizzy and affordable alternatives to cope during this tragic, but temporary, decline:

1. Cava: A Spanish sparkler made using the Champagne method with traditional, native Spanish grapes.

2. Blanquette de Limoux: A refreshing but affordable wine made using the Champagne method in the South-west of France.

3. Moscato D’Asti: Kanye West recently brought this sweet sparkling wine of North Italy to the spotlight when he name-checked the beverage in his song, “Make Her Feel Good.”