Floral cocktails

Happy May Day. Floral cocktails anyone? Since our mamas always told us that April showers brings May flowers, we thought it would be fun to look at an interesting drinking trend: the use of real, live flowers in liquors and cocktails. We love a nice bouquet… but in our drinks? Hey, we’ll try anything twice (once just isn’t enough).


We’ve been hearing a lot about infused liquors (can you say “bacon”?), so it’s only natural that many people have opted to throw some flowers into the mix. The general consensus is that flower-infused liquors are light and refreshing – perfect for spring and summer libations. Infusing the liquors gives you an opportunity to experience the flavors without actually having to eat a flower. Vodka and gin are generally the best alcoholic base because they’re both quite flexible and light, but from there, you can really use any foliage that suits your fancy. Popular flavors include lavender, rosemary, dandelion, jasmine and rose.


If you’re curious about edible flowers, it’s worth giving them a shot in your next cocktail, and there are tons of different ways to try it depending on how adventurous you are.

  • Sissy: Float the flowers on top and use them as a garnish (try some beautiful purple violets or bright pink rose petals.)
  • So-So: Freeze the flowers in ice cubes, they’ll be in your cocktail and look gorgeous, but you won’t get a strong botanical flavor.
  • Getting Wild: Pair edible flowers with a flower-infused spirit. There are some brands out there already that have perfected it.
  • You’re Our Kinda Girl: Muddle some flowers into your cocktail and try all of the above. Might as well go for it.


Are you still creeped out by putting flowers in your drink, or would you give it a try?