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Beer is not just for the boys, but a lot of beer advertising seems to think it is. Enter the newest beer from Brazil: Cerveja Feminista. Instead of bikini-clad bombshells, the simple label for Feminista features the symbol for gender equality in an effort to get people talking. It promotes equality, not female supremacy—as some of the critics might say. There’s no doubt this red ale from Beauvoir Brewing is a conversation starter.

While the simply packaged brew is making a splash, there are a few other beverages that support feminism. Monkish Brewing Co.’s Feminist beer is a Belgian-style tripel spiced with hibiscus while Full Sail Brewing’s “Duffy’s Counterpunch” is an Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Uncouth Vermouth is a line of vermouth created and run by Bianca Miraglia. Whether you’re enjoying a beer or another boozy drink, there’s always a good time to talk about making the world a better place for everyone. We say cheers to Cerveja Feminista!