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Nowadays, us technology obsessed individuals might actually talk more over text in a day than we do out loud– no judgements here, of course. With the addition of the emoji keyboard on the iPhone or other smart devices, the coldness of these quickly typed and somewhat robotic conversations got a lot more expressive. With more opportunity to be expressive, we face a challenge we must admit we’ve all tried to master at least once… can we have a comprehensive conversation using only emojis? Don’t act like you haven’t tried.

Well, tiki bar Sunken Harbor Club thinks this is not only possible, but also a sort of fun game. In fact, they believe we can should even order drinks with an all emoji-code. So if the reward of that so called “game” is a cocktail, then we agree! The Red Hook pop-up bar takes over Fort Defiance on Thursday nights with its all-emoji cocktail menu.

The concept arose when bar manager Tyler Caffall, bartender Zach White, and owner St. John Frizell were out drinking for Caffall’s brithday when they stumbled across the idea and couldn’t let it go. Each week, the pop-up debuts a teaser text message exchange over Facebook to hint at what might be found on the menu that night. You’re mistaken if you think the secret code will be immediately unveiled once you sit down. Serving as a great entertainment factor, costumers must take some time to uncover the emoji cocktail and take a few guesses before the bartender will finally fess up.

So test out your emoji coding skills and enjoy a tiki themed night out with friends–all in one!