Vodka is coming to the rescue of bakers everywhere! Believe it or not, the popular spirit is the secret to a perfectly flaky piecrust. The booze improves the recipe by preventing the formation of gluten, and actually has no impact on the taste. Liquid is essential in every piecrust recipe, however when combining flour and liquid gluten forms which can result in a tough dough and dense piecrust.

Now here’s a little science for you, the ethyl alcohol in vodka does not attach itself the same way the water attaches itself to flour, avoiding the hydration of the protein which typically leads to gluten formation. By replacing 50% of the liquid in the recipe with a hard alcohol the problem is solved.

Now, although the vodka does not effect the taste of the pie, you can use other types of hard alcohol with a stronger taste which will have the same effect, while also complimenting the pie filling. Our hats off to the chef who crafted this Salted Carmel Apple Pie recipe, complete with a Bourbon crust! Just be careful not to take too many shots while your baking, we wouldn’t want you to burn anything, especially the pie!